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What are your library hours?
We are open during the school year from 7am - 6pm on Mondays and Fridays; from 7am - 10pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays; and from 10 am - 5pm on Saturdays.
How long can I checkout an item?
Generally, books can be checked out for 3 weeks and DVDs and movies can be checked out for 1 week. We do have a large number of reserve materials, like textbooks, that can be checked out as well. Reserve item check out periods vary from 2 hours to 1 week depending on the item.
How many items can I checkout?
You can check out up to 25 items including up to 5 videos or DVDs and 1 reserve item at a time.
I forgot my student ID. Can I still checkout something?
You must have your student ID or another picture ID to check out items from the library. We can often look up a photo that corresponds to your ID number, but it is quicker to bring your student ID.
How do I find a book?
You can ask us to help you, or you can search the library's Quick Search. If the book is a physical item on one of our shelves it will have a call number. This number will appear in green and will start with one or two letters followed by a series of numbers and letters. When you go to the shelves you match the call number you found to the call number printed on the spine of the book. If the book is online click the "Online" link and you should be led to the full text of the item.
Does the library have textbooks?
We have most of the textbooks for LDSBC classes on reserve at the library. There are a few exceptions, but usually textbooks can be checked out for two hours a day, once a day.
How much are photocopies?
10 cents for each 8.5 x 11" black and white printed page, which means a double sided page will cost 20 cents. 20 cents for each 8.5 x 11" color printed page, which means a double sided color page will cost 40 cents. 20 cents for each 11 x 17" black and white printed page, which means a double sided page will cost 40 cents. 25 cents for each 11 x 17" color printed page, which means a double sided color page will cost 50 cents. Every semester your student account has $10 for you to use for printing. You can add money to your ID card or account at the cashier's office.
Can I print from the computers in the library?
Yes you can! We have a number of printer options.
  1. 305 BW: Prints on the third floor, black and white, single sided
  2. 305 Duplex: Prints on the third floor, black and white, double sided
  3. 305 Color: Prints on the third floor, color, single sided
  4. 305 Color Duplex: Prints on the third floor, color, double sided
  5. 305 11x17 color: Prints on the third floor: color, single sided, 11x17 paper (large paper)
  6. 422: Prints on the fourth floor: black and white, singled sided
Does it cost to use the scanner?
It is free to use any of the library scanners. We have three flatbed scanners that you can reserve using the group study room page, or you can use the large printer on the third floor to scan files to your email.
How long can I have a group study room?
Group study rooms can be used for 30 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours, per patron, per day.
How do I reserve a group study room?
To reserve a group study room, you can go to and select an available room, or you can ask us to reserve a room for you.
Can I access the library databases from home?
Yes, with the exception of you should be able to access our library databases from anywhere with your netid/username and password. If you ever have a problem using a library database from off campus let someone in the library know.
How much are the library fines?
If the book or movie came from our regular shelves the fines are $.25 per day, however if the item is a textbook or reserve item the fines are $.25 per hour for the first 24 hours and $1.00 per day after that.
How do I renew an item?
You can either come into the library or call the library at (801)- 524-8150 to renew an item.
How do I access the library's ebooks?
The library has 4 main collections. Overdrive, Ebrary, EBSCO-Ebooks, and Safari Technology. You can search any of these databases by finding them on the library's Databases EBook page. You can also search the library's "Quick Search" to find e-Books.
How do I request items from another library?
Requesting an item from another library is pretty easy. You first need to set up an account with our Interlibrary Loan Service (you can do that by clicking here). You then need to fill out a request for the item.
How can I find library resources by subject?
We have a couple of ways to do that. We do have our favorite databases organized by subject on our Databases by Subject page . This is a pretty handy tool for finding articles on a specific topic. We also have a number of LibGuides, or Research Guides where we have collected our favorite databases, books, and outside links about a specific topic.