How to Begin Writing a Paper or Doing Research

How to Begin Writing a Paper or Doing Research

The most challenging and often the most difficult part of writing a research paper can be getting started.

Here are some tips to help you begin writing a paper or doing research.

1.       Choose a narrow topic. More often than not when a student comes to the library to ask for help, they are trying to write a five page paper about a topic that is more suitable for a book. You are writing a short paper, so make sure that your topic is appropriate and narrow enough.

2.       Do a search in the library catalog and in a couple of databases to get some ideas about how much material is available for your subject. You want to be sure that there is enough information from library resources that you can use.

3.       Write your thesis statement first.

4.       Then write your next 3-5 sentences based around your thesis statement.

5.       If you are having trouble ask a librarian, tutor, fellow student, your teacher or someone else to read over your first paragraph and to give you his or her opinion. Ten Steps toward better research